• From a loving, understanding and warm place, we gathers all our power to make women feel comfortable, beautiful and confident, spreading joy and positivity.

  • And that's how Evermine was born in Barcelona five years ago, as a fashion brand that wants to enhanced all women.

  • The project has been able to reinvent and transform itself because, like all women, it is a cyclical brand that knows how to adapt with positivity to its environment.

  • Now in its online facet, the adaptability aspect are enhanced even more. Cyclicality, the brand is personified by collections of clothing, accessories and jewelry drop style that Evermine launches as unique and limited editions.

About Candy Crush Club

  • A handmade collection inspired by the revival of the 90s. Fresh, colorful and playful models for all those retro babies!

  • And because we know you want to enjoy every moment, each piece is waterproof and hypoallergenic so you can take it always with you.