Hand Fan "Rollers" | Abanico "Rollers"
Enfocar Hand Fan "Rollers" | Abanico "Rollers"
Enfocar Hand Fan "Rollers" | Abanico "Rollers"
Enfocar Hand Fan "Rollers" | Abanico "Rollers"

Hand Fan "Rollers" | Abanico "Rollers"




Talla Ancho Alto
JUNIOR 15,5 cm 14,5 cm
STANDARD 18 cm 15 cm


Junior: Recomendada para niños y mujeres con caras más finas.
Standard: Es la talla estándar y equivalente a la mascarilla quirúrgica.


Talla Cadera Largo
S/M 100 cm 100 cm
M/L 108 cm 103 cm


Climate change is starting to take its toll and every year is getting hotter and hotter…so the moral of the story is: be kind to our mother nature and use this eco-friendly fan that has been manufactured with fabric and wood obtained from sustainable woods with which you and the planet will be cooler. 

With our rollers hand fan you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go. Its playful vibe and lovable design make the hand fan ideal to match with any outfit, no matter the plan, it’ll help you beat up the heat in the coolest way possible!

  • Features (product open): 42,5 cm x 23 cm (length)
  • Manufactured with: sustainable fabric and wood  (FSC certified)